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Tree Care Myths You Should Know

When you want a beautiful lawn, the myths surrounding tree care are confusing and can make any homeowner frustrated quickly. You ask if there is a quality lawn care services near me in st johns county fl and the answer is yes, there is if you’re willing to look for these pros to care for your trees and lawn.

Add the safety issues surrounding trees and you have a combination for disaster. Luckily, tree care companies in Birmingham offer services without confusion, providing the gorgeous trees that you want and deserve. Take a look at some of the most common tree care myths out there and ensure that the truth enables you to get the immaculate lawn you deserve.

Myth 1: Cutting the Tree Adds Value

You can prune the tree only some much before it impacts the appearance and health of your tree. Removing too much of the tree at once causes stress and decline in health, structure, and can cause insect infestation and disease.

Myth 2: All Insects Hurt Your Trees

Insects may be annoying, but some actually protect your trees and provide environmental protection. These beneficial insects, such as ladybugs, feed on insects that harm trees. Some insects even fight bad insects, reducing need for chemicals.

Myth 3: Dead Branches Fall on Their Own

All dead branches eventually fall off the tree, however, allowing them to remain on the tree for such time causes added damage. Furthermore, when the branches fall from the tree, the potential to cause injury is noted.

Myth 4: Tree Removal is Expensive

lawn care services near me in st johns county fl

When a tree needs removed from your property, don’t let the worry of excessive costs stop you from calling a Birmingham tree service company. Allowing a dead tree to remain on your property poses risks, as does allowing a broken or otherwise damaged tree to remain.